About Ed Grech

The founder of Grech Motors in Riverside, California, Ed Grech possesses over three decades of experience in the design and manufacture of luxury commercial vehicles. His commitment to the industry enabled him to become one of its premier builders. He maintains a dedication to advancing the business and engaging the commercial vehicle industry. Furthermore, Ed Grech is a regular sponsor of various industry trade shows, such as the Chauffeur Driven Show and the International LCT Show.

His role as CEO of Grech Motors positions him as responsible for the design, engineering, and production of luxury buses and Sprinter vans, which encompass some of the most popular fleet additions in the industry. Production draws from the highest quality materials and incorporates standard features to rival many other luxury commercial vehicle manufacturers. Features include frameless windows, roof-mounted HVAC systems, passenger retractable seat belts, and a patented panoramic front viewing window, among others.

Ed Grech is a member and premier sponsor of the National Limousine Association. In addition to sponsoring the Chauffeur Driven Show & International LCT show, his company sponsors state and regional trade organizations throughout the industry.